Skim Milk Powder

Pasteurized, standardised and whole / skimmed milk is subjected to evaporation as a result of which we get concentrated milk. This concentrated milk is fed to spray drying chamber at a certain temperature with the help of high pressure pump, and after multi-stage drying, the powder formation takes place. This powder is then cooled in ‘vibro fluidized’ bed dryer (VFBD) and then it is passed through mesh sieve and packed in paper bags in a particular manner so as to prevent addition of microbial load in the product.

  • SMP – MH (Medium Heat) – is most used in ready mixes, ice cream, confectionary, bakery, bake mixes and meat products.
  • SMP – LH (Low Heat) – – Due to its most efficient solubility properties, SMP – LH is used mainly in fluid milk fortification, yogurt, cottage cheese, cultured skim milk, starter culture, dairy & chocolate drinks, ice creams
  • SMP – HH (High Heat) – Due to its least soluble properties, SMP-HH is widely used in bakery, meat products, UHT Milk, Ice cream and ready mixes.
  • KC+ SMP can make reconstituted liquid milk or can be used in Indian sweets, curd, tea/coffee whitener.
  • It is used in bakery, confectionary, dairy, chocolates, biscuits and ice cream industry as a source of milk proteins.

Packaging details:

Available in 25kgs Kraft Paper bag