Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing are often seen as two separate departments within a company. At KC Dairy, we believe that although their daily operations are focused on different aspects, they should function together as a single unit. Their relationship is irrevocably interconnected, and recognizing where each team specializes and how they can come together to generate growth is certainly top of mind here at KC Dairy.

Marketing encourages leads and builds relationships with potential customers through a variety of strategies. Some of these strategies include promotion through flyers, emails, newsletters, OOH, promotional activities to consumers as well as to the trade like- Door to Door Promotion, Consumer schemes, In-shop promotions, and of course, Digital marketing. We have a strong team of young professionals who are expert in this field.

The sale on the other hand, builds a strong network of Distributors and Dealers, throughout the territory and ensures that our product reaches every nook and corner, and this network is increasing every day. We have a strong team of field force, who are well trained and experienced. The sales team is headed by the veterans of the Dairy Industry.